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WCP Solutions Celebrates 90 Years in Business

Providing Paper, Packaging, Facility Supplies, and Equipment to Customers on the West Coast

Seattle, Washington, March 1, 2020 WCP Solutions celebrates its 90th Anniversary as a company in March 2020; the company has been in business serving customers in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Northern California since 1930. WCP is a privately-held third-generation wholesale distributor that provides products and service solutions by selling paper, packaging, janitorial supplies and equipment. With facilities in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, WCP Solutions has released a commemorative video “ Proud of our Past, Passionate About our Future ” to celebrate 90 years in business.

Formerly known as West Coast Paper Company, WCP Solutions was founded by RA (Dick) Abrams on March 1, 1930, and sold basic packaging supplies such as brown wrapping paper, tying twine and bags to the merchants in Seattle’s Pike Place and other public markets. He delivered orders out of the back of a Model A Ford to his customers in the Seattle area. Ninety years later, the company is now owned by a third generation of the Abrams family and operates 14 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as in Northern California and Alaska. Today, ninety years after its inception, WCP Solutions is led by Teresa Russell, owner and board chairperson and RA Abrams’ granddaughter, and has been family-owned since 1930. Teresa reflects on the company her grandfather started, “My grandfather, I hope, would be very proud of the company. I think he’d be thrilled we’re taking care of as many families as we are with the people we employ.”

Teresa’s father, Dick Abrams, the second-generation owner of WCP says “My parents started the company roughly 7 years before I was born, so I knew the business from a very young age. For a company to survive in the second generation is somewhat rare, to survive into a third generation is definitely rare. What makes WCP stand out in our line of business, is the way we treat our people and our customers.”

WCP Solutions has released a commemorative video to mark its 90th Anniversary. The video interviews leaders of the company and reflects on both the past 90 years as well as looking to what’s ahead for WCP Solutions.

“Ninety years is certainly a long time for any company to be in business, but for a company to turn ninety, that’s still privately held under the same family ownership means that what we’re doing is working,” says Tom Groves, CEO of WCP Solutions.

WCP Solutions is proud to turn ninety by celebrating its relationships with employees, vendors, and suppliers. With customers at the forefront of their business model, Ed Allen, WCP Solutions President says, “When a WCP employee interacts with a customer, it’s more than just selling a product. We’re providing a solution and developing a long-lasting relationship.”

As the company celebrates ninety years in business, Dick Abrams, second-generation owner of WCP recalls, “We’ll continue to do business tomorrow, the way we did it yesterday and the way we’re proud to do it today. The company was started as a way to make a living to support a family; now it supports many families.”

About WCP Solutions A modern WCP warehouse facility - Portland, OR WCP Solutions is a wholesale provider of paper, envelopes, packaging supplies, janitorial cleaning and facility supplies, foodservice disposables, and equipment solutions. WCP Solutions is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and product solutions for customers locally in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Family-owned since 1930.

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